Time waits for no one.

Fall is almost here! I keep wanting to put my boots on, but the sun starts to get all nosy and comes out and says, “Just what do you think you’re doing?” Stupid Sun! You’re ruining my life! I’m so antsy for sweaters and scarves and snuggling, but the desert is doing the indecisive dance it always does this time of year. You’re hot and sweaty all the time and then you wake up one day at some god awful hour because you’re freezing your butt off and have to go and get the blankets out of the closet. Then that’s it. Hello Fall, nice crash landing!

This weekend was the first time I was able to put my boots and sweaters to use. Suuuuper excited! Along with the cold weather this time of year brings Craft fairs. I have signed up for a few and I’m pretty excited about it. We’ve been struggling the last few months and we can breathe a little bit now that I’ve got some money coming in. Phew! I did the Grand Avenue Festival last month and completely spaced on bringing my camera. What a surprise!
So here are some so so cell phone pics…

I was going for an industrial look but, somehow it just looks like the left overs from someone’s garage…hmmm……


This last Sunday I did the Hissyfits Hullabaloo. For those of you who don’t know, Hissyfits is a children’s resale shop that has adorable stuff at really good prices. She always has a cute selection of locally handmade goods. Every year Nikki (the super awesome owner) puts on a Craft Fair in her parking lot. It’s always awesome and I always get sunburned. I forgot my camera again.  I did remember to take a few booth pics with my crappy phone camera tho.

What do you think of my banner? Not too shabby for being sewn the night before the show eh? I showed up a few minutes later than I usually do and ended up having to pick a spot on the side of the building. I’m usually out front. This worked out well because I had a backdrop to display my banners/bunting/pennants? I had this conversation with Nikki about it and still don’t know which one is the proper term. I’ll just use bunting for now…


My friend gave me a huge stack of vintage hankies. I didn’t know what to do with them and then I did. I recycled my grandma’s doilies into bunting(s)? as well. Only sold one at the show. Hopefully I can find homes for all of them. Holler if you are interested. I’ve got about 20 of ’em. They’re really cute!

I also made these:


and these…


and this. A really sweet girl got this as an early Christmas present from her folks.


I’ve been a busy little bee. With 4 shows coming up in the not too distant future there is no time to waste. I’ll make sure I post the info for the next event so you can come visit me. If not physically, than in spirit. You can always visit my store… *Hint*


Oh yeah, and before I forget again here’s the artwork I did for the Lambchop show in August.


I did these all in photoshop. I scanned the rough sketches and then painted them digitally. Prints are available in my shop for cheap. I also have some really high quality prints matted and framed available. Get at me if you’re interested.
Till the next time! xoxo