Summertime in the PHX

The temps are in the triple digits which means summer has officially hit us. Tourism slows down, folks hide in their air-conditioned homes, or go somewhere cooler to escape the unrelenting heat that punishes us every year. The craft shows come to a screeching halt or move out-of-town for the summer for this very reason.

Well, what if I told you that you could shop handmade items, eat from your pick of 5 different restaurants, sip a refreshing adult beverage, and listen to great music all while inside a beautifully spacious air-conditioned space?

Look no further than the Desoto Central Market in downtown Phoenix. They’ve started a summer market that takes place every Friday from 5pm-9pm and Sundays from 10:30am-3pm. This is happening all summer long dudes! I’m super excited to be participating this Friday the 19th!

Pop Up Market HighRes

I’d love to see you, so come by and people watch with me! Maybe have an adult beverage or two…or three. Whatevs, I won’t judge you!

See you there!




Adventures in socializing

Hey there!

Like I’ve said before, this time of year is really busy for me. My little hands have been working hard on some new things! My mind is swimming with ideas and it’s hard to keep up with it all. I love it and hate it all at the same time. So to catch you up…here’s what I’ve been doing the past few weeks…

First off, I just wanted to show you the cover I did for a 7 inch my friend’s company released under their new label Jamille. It was a nice clean simple project.

Very happy with the way it turned out. I don’t get to do this kind of thing much and I have a good time doing it.  I had to do most of the work with the logo. He only had it on a piece of paper, so I had to go in and trace it in Illustrator. I wanted him to have a digital logo for print work. Anyhow, he had the records pressed up recently, and I was happy to be a part of the design process. Let me know what you think!

Turkey day was fantastic! Dom and I stayed at a friend’s house for a few days while they were out of town. Coincidentally, they live across the street from his cousin. So, we had a small dinner with her and later that night when her husband came home we ate sandwiches with him too.

We started off in the afternoon preparing everything while the turkey was in the oven. We snacked on fresh veggies and had some mimosas…

I made some really awesome chipotle-cranberry sauce with a recipe I got here. It was delicious! I’ve experimented with other recipes and this is my absolute fave! Definitely going into the files.

I didn’t take any pics of the other dishes or our made up plates ’cause I was too lazy/hungry to get up from the table and get my camera. However, I did get a pic of the beautiful turkey. It was our first time doing it on our own. High fives all around, ’cause it was AWESOME!

Sorry it’s a little blurry, but you can see how good it looks regardless!

The next night, I went to visit with a friend and her family.  Her baby boy is growing so fast!

Some of Jen’s handy dandy decorating…

and a really silly dancing santa.

After recovering from Turkey day and a cold, it was back to work I went. It was a short week for me because I had signed myself up for 2 shows this week. One thursday and one Friday. The one I did on Thursday was kind of a bust. Not my market. Oh well. The one I did on Friday made up for it.  Although we were freezing our butts off! The event was outside and a chilly 38 degrees. I was a friggin’ icicle! Friends came out that I hadn’t seen in ages. And of course it was lots of fun with the PHX DIY crew. We always keep each other entertained. LOVE those girls!

Here is what the table in my studio STILL looks like.

A fellow artist friend once asked me about my process. She asked if I clean up after each project, or if I continue to work on top of the mess. We found that we both work on top of the mess. Once it gets out of control we clean. You mean this isn’t out of control? You ask. Nope. It’s out of control when I have no more space to put anything down.

Here’s what comes out of it though…

and this

and this

And this.

There is a method to the madness!

I took these little treasures down to the Crafeteria on Friday at Frances. I got alot of good feedback and my $5 basket was a hit! Thank you universe! I took some pics of our setups. Here are some of the lovely ladies freezing their asses off.

I don’t think you need to see mine for the umpteenth time so I’ll spare you. Here’s one of our newest members Jennifer Bates of Sea Lemon. She makes journals by hand and does a damn good job! She was my neighbor for the Crafeteria that night.

Amanda and Melissa of Perfect Dressipe had their setup looking fantastic as usual.

Another new member is Morgan Kunse. She had her photography set up. I took 2 pics ’cause I was shivering too much to get the first one right.

Ashley had a really sweet and simple setup for her stuff. Again, I took 2 pics. Hopefully this makes up for the crappy pics I took last time.

And Jamie of Kenzie Noelle Designs. Her setup always looks great!

And I took a pic of a friend’s setup who isn’t a member of PHX DIY but makes fantastic stuff! Her setups are always beautiful! Her name is Angie and you can purchase her stuff here. She was another friend I hadn’t seen in awhile. It was nice running into her plus she gave me some chocolate. What a lucky girl I am!

We’re already planning some bike riding business.

So, after the crafty festivities were over and done with I went home to unload and eat something quick. I met up with my boyfriend and our friends at Sidebar. I unfortunately forgot my camera, ugh! There were soooo many camera moments I was kicking myself. Afterwards we did something we NEVER do. We had people over for an after-the-bar-drinking-more-beer kind of thing. I don’t want to say “afterparty” because that sounds ridiculous coming from me. But there was drinking, dancing, and lots of laughing.

Our friends are the shit is all I can say. No drama, no egos, no games. Just good peeps. Again, thank you universe for blessing us with them!

It was finally time to go to sleep. We tried to convince Tige to sleep on a bed or couch of some sort but he was happy with his piece of the floor next to the records.

Good times.

Where the scorpions and rattlesnake play.


When you think of Arizona what pictures come to mind? Before I moved here I thought of vast plains of nothingness, lots of southwestern decor, cowboys, and vermin. I live in the desert now for 9 years. Not literally, but the desert nonetheless. I’ve met my share of scorpions, Palo verde beetles, and other creepy bugs of the like, but they were in my apartment, or at my job…in the city.  It’s rare I see any cowboys, although I wish I could say the same about southwestern decor. *shudder* To get to the desert areas you have to do a bit of driving.

This weekend we took a drive and braced ourselves for the previously mentioned things. Dom’s mother invited us (including Gary) to visit the ranch she works at. So, we headed off in the morning to spend the day with her.

Gary, a.k.a. bubbies, a.k.a. beany bean bean, a.k.a bubbie knuckles, a.k.a baby bubbie, a.k.a baby bubba bean dip, a.k.a. squishy, a.k.a stinky, a.k.a stinky pants, a.k.a stinktron 2009, a.k.a. smelly, a.k.a. the f***ing cutest dog in the world, no contest!

He was being kind of crybaby whiner for the first few minutes in the car for whatever reason. Then, he finally relaxed and decided to nap the rest of the way there.

When we arrived Dom’s mom caught us up on her goings on and we had a beer. At 10am? Why not? Don’t judge me. After the drinky and talky we decided to go for a walky. This was Gary’s first visit to a ranch type situation where he could roam free and pee and sniff wherever and whatever he wanted. It was fun to see him explore.

He met some horses for the first time. He barked at them all tough-guy-like. It was hilarious! He kept getting in trouble with us for getting behind them and trying to sniff. I didn’t want him to become airborne from a swift kick to the face. Those horse butts are much higher up than he’s accustomed to.

While on our walk we ran into these folks.

Friends of Dom’s mothers out for a ride. Great folks, and beautiful horses. We all walked together to another friend’s property to say hello and Gary made some new friends.

Dom decided to ride one of the horses for a little bit. He asked me if I wanted to and I said “Nopey!” That’s right, I am a sissy la-la. I rode a pony at the fair when I was about 6 years old and that’s about the length of my horse riding career. Someday I’ll get the ovaries to get on one of those things. But, for now I’m okay with my sissy status.

We made our way back to the bunk house and Dom’s mommy made us clam linguine for lunch. Didn’t get any pics of that cause it was pretty much gone in a matter of seconds. It was delish!

The rest of the visit was spent chatting about old times, family, and just a little bit of politics. It was a great day, and it went by too fast. Next time will be an over-niter for sure. Gary had a blast and was pooped. He went to sleep as soon as we reached the highway.

Back to the city we went! The experience made me appreciate all the beautiful terrains this state has to offer. In a weird way it reminded me of California. When I moved here people would ask where I was from. When I told them, they would say, “Oh, I love the beach!” or, “Do you miss the beach?”. When I told them I didn’t really live near any beaches, they were surprised. Mostly at themselves for thinking everyone goes to the beach there.

I lived in a rural area, where there were lots of cowboys, and farmers.  I lived hours from any beaches. I But, I always knew I could go to one. It would just take a little driving.

Crafty kinda gals.

This weekend was a blast! The PHX DIY got down at our first event. It took place in the yard at Bunky Boutique. I remembered to bring my camera this time! Here’s the first few pics.

Now, I present to you the lovely work of my fellow artisans….enjoy!


First up is A Spoonful of chocolate hope. Michelle makes wonderful bags from used books. You can follow her on Twitter.

Here’s my setup. Don’t be jealous of my foam sign!

Next up we have Perfect Dressipe. They are Amanda, Gina, and Melissa and they make LOTS of stuff! Aprons, pillows, purses, hair accessories, jewelry, silk screened/patchwork tees, etc. They also have a blog, aaaaand you can follow them on twitter.

Next we have Against the grain jewelry by Ashley Weber. Ashley makes beautiful things. The pic just doesn’t do her justice! Sorry girl!

And last but definitely not least, we have Kenzie Noelle Designs. Jamie makes adorable things for baby and mother too. You can follow her on Twitter as well.

FYI that is Michelle being a smart ass, not Jamie.

And although they aren’t members the lovely ladies of Magpie press had their paper goods for sale as well.

Here is the giveaway prize table.

And the food and beverage table. Gina’s scotcharoos are insane! They’re the treats hiding behind the apple cider jars.

And that’s my story, thanks for reading! Become a fan of PHX DIY on Facebook. We’ll keep you in the loop for upcoming sales and events. I gotta get back to work now. Have a great week!