Summertime in the PHX

The temps are in the triple digits which means summer has officially hit us. Tourism slows down, folks hide in their air-conditioned homes, or go somewhere cooler to escape the unrelenting heat that punishes us every year. The craft shows come to a screeching halt or move out-of-town for the summer for this very reason.

Well, what if I told you that you could shop handmade items, eat from your pick of 5 different restaurants, sip a refreshing adult beverage, and listen to great music all while inside a beautifully spacious air-conditioned space?

Look no further than the Desoto Central Market in downtown Phoenix. They’ve started a summer market that takes place every Friday from 5pm-9pm and Sundays from 10:30am-3pm. This is happening all summer long dudes! I’m super excited to be participating this Friday the 19th!

Pop Up Market HighRes

I’d love to see you, so come by and people watch with me! Maybe have an adult beverage or two…or three. Whatevs, I won’t judge you!

See you there!




Craft Show Season is here!

Craft show season is now upon us. I’ll be doing an event this weekend in downtown Phoenix. Come support your local economy and artisan hand crafted wear.Spend black Friday and Saturday at Heritage Square 10-6p.m. There will be hand made local goods,arts & crafts, fashion, antiques and  more..


Next Friday, I will be at Frances vintage for their 8th annual Crafeteria event. All items are 100% handmade. Live music, sweet treats and food by Short Leash Hotdogs. This will be my last event of 2013 and any customer who says “Frosty” gets 15% off their total purchase. 

8thcrafteteriaposter.WEBHappy holidays and I hope to see all of your smiling faces soon.

XOXO, Xappa

Dipping my toe into the wallowing pool

Sometimes I feel like I’m drowning in my own ass-hole-ism. There are times when I feel I should really be speaking to people like I’m this amazing person that I really aspire to be. Other times, (like, when my skills really aren’t paying any bills) I feel ridiculous about the choices I’ve made in my life and just want to slink back to my corner and cry over my student loan bill.

I’ve really been struggling with my work and getting it out to the “right people”. There’s a whole dog chasing its tail thing going on with money. I make a little money and I have to spend it on a bill or new tires. Then I’m broke again. I’m working my ass off on product and sending pitches to boutiques along with line sheets and price lists. Research is exhausting and I really wish I had gone to school for this. What did I go to school for? Animation. HAHAHAHAHA! Boy, that degree is really paying for itself! Trying not to feel sorry for myself is the hard part. I made all of the decisions that put me here. Maybe this is just a low point that I can laugh about later?! Gross.

The funny thing is even when I’m feeling sorry for myself the creating doesn’t stop. That part of my brain hasn’t stopped at any point in all of this. *Shakes fist at the sky* What does it all mean?!! Maybe I’m possessed by a spirit who likes to make things and enjoys nothing but a steady diet of carbs and citrus.

Anyway through all of this, my experimentation has led me to some results I’m quite pleased with. So, I’ll just move on to that for now.


I’ve had this idea sketched out for quite a while but, I thought there was an issue with my kiln. Turns out there wasn’t. It was just a testy outlet. Anyway, it’s a sugar skull necklace. I wanted to have the piece be interesting on both sides. The front side is the enamel skull and the back part would be a pierced piece. The black underside of the enamel provides the negative space.

sugar skull fnb

It’s still a little rough-looking, but I’m pretty proud of something I made from sketch to final product. It can only get better, right?

Here’s some geometric experimentation with gold leafing. I friggin’ LOVE gold leaf! I want to gold leaf everything!

enamel pendants

Gold just classes everything up a little.

enamel 2frings

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned how much I love my prehistoric kiln. It’s one of my most coveted tools to date. It helped me make these yummy 2 finger rings. I also finally made a color chart for some of the transparent enamels so colors can be mixed without any nail-biting. Here are some better pics of the rings:

Nalgene bblgm2

Nalgene blubll3

Nalgene shamrock3

Sometimes I’m fascinated by the depth and intricacies of the color that comes out. You can get them in my shop here.

Looking at these items again makes me temporarily forget what I’m going through in order to create them. I guess that’s the point right? I know that someone will always be better at it than me. I accept that fully and it will never stop me from chasing my dreams. My love for it is what will always get me to keep going. It’s the only constant in my life. Always there challenging me, bringing me to tears, breaking my heart, filling me with joy, pushing me, comforting me, calming me, consoling me, inspiring me…

I’ll just keep my head down and push through. It’s worth it.

In the meantime I’ll leave you with this little nugget from one of my favorite bands of all time. Top 5 at least…


So long 2012!

Welp, onward and upward! Welcome, 2013!

Last year was a rough one for me. Lots of really bumpy transitions, the loss of a loved one, incredibly unstable monies….and lots of mistakes. I’m ready to use this year to its fullest potential. It will be full of projects, inspiration, travel, and growth. Pushing myself even harder than before. There will be a whole lot of time spent outside of my comfort zone…because that’s where the magic happens! Of course, this will be done when it’s beneficial for me and the people I’m surrounded with.

Moving forward with a much more solid plan than I’ve had in the past. Papers are being filed. Lists are in place. Research has been done. Designs have been sketched. I’m ready to go! How are you making 2013 work for you?

I’ll leave you with an amazing song to help you dream. Turn it up or even better, listen through headphones.


Time waits for no one.

Fall is almost here! I keep wanting to put my boots on, but the sun starts to get all nosy and comes out and says, “Just what do you think you’re doing?” Stupid Sun! You’re ruining my life! I’m so antsy for sweaters and scarves and snuggling, but the desert is doing the indecisive dance it always does this time of year. You’re hot and sweaty all the time and then you wake up one day at some god awful hour because you’re freezing your butt off and have to go and get the blankets out of the closet. Then that’s it. Hello Fall, nice crash landing!

This weekend was the first time I was able to put my boots and sweaters to use. Suuuuper excited! Along with the cold weather this time of year brings Craft fairs. I have signed up for a few and I’m pretty excited about it. We’ve been struggling the last few months and we can breathe a little bit now that I’ve got some money coming in. Phew! I did the Grand Avenue Festival last month and completely spaced on bringing my camera. What a surprise!
So here are some so so cell phone pics…

I was going for an industrial look but, somehow it just looks like the left overs from someone’s garage…hmmm……


This last Sunday I did the Hissyfits Hullabaloo. For those of you who don’t know, Hissyfits is a children’s resale shop that has adorable stuff at really good prices. She always has a cute selection of locally handmade goods. Every year Nikki (the super awesome owner) puts on a Craft Fair in her parking lot. It’s always awesome and I always get sunburned. I forgot my camera again.  I did remember to take a few booth pics with my crappy phone camera tho.

What do you think of my banner? Not too shabby for being sewn the night before the show eh? I showed up a few minutes later than I usually do and ended up having to pick a spot on the side of the building. I’m usually out front. This worked out well because I had a backdrop to display my banners/bunting/pennants? I had this conversation with Nikki about it and still don’t know which one is the proper term. I’ll just use bunting for now…


My friend gave me a huge stack of vintage hankies. I didn’t know what to do with them and then I did. I recycled my grandma’s doilies into bunting(s)? as well. Only sold one at the show. Hopefully I can find homes for all of them. Holler if you are interested. I’ve got about 20 of ’em. They’re really cute!

I also made these:


and these…


and this. A really sweet girl got this as an early Christmas present from her folks.


I’ve been a busy little bee. With 4 shows coming up in the not too distant future there is no time to waste. I’ll make sure I post the info for the next event so you can come visit me. If not physically, than in spirit. You can always visit my store… *Hint*


Oh yeah, and before I forget again here’s the artwork I did for the Lambchop show in August.


I did these all in photoshop. I scanned the rough sketches and then painted them digitally. Prints are available in my shop for cheap. I also have some really high quality prints matted and framed available. Get at me if you’re interested.
Till the next time! xoxo

Putting in work

As I said in my last post, I’ve been busy. Busy making up for lost time.

One of the changes that’s been eluding me is the name of my shop. I’ve been feeling that “Space Cadet” just isn’t fitting to me anymore. I only have 2 designs left over from the original line, and they no longer fit with anything else I’ve produced.

I feel a change is happening with my work, my aesthetic, my life in general and it’s time to move on. So, Xappaland is the new name. Wow! Crazy right? Lol! I just figure it’s the last step in making everything flow seamlessly.

Since everything has been moving so fast, documenting it was something that didn’t even cross my mind. I participated in the RAW Showcase in Scottsdale at Martini Ranch on the 9th. This was quite the undertaking. You were responsible for everything including selling 20 tickets. I was pestering people for ticket sales, donations, rounding up models (2 of which backed out the day of), coordinating times for the models to try on their accessories, making the accessories as well as items to sell for the show.

It was insanity and I’m so proud that I was able to do it without freaking out too much! I want to take the time out here to thank the folks that helped me out. Thank you RAW! The program director was awesome and extremely helpful! Thank you to Lilly of Dead Meat Designs! The first few hours would have been so boring if it wasn’t for you guys! We had to be there at 3pm and the showcase doesn’t start till 7pm. Thank you everyone who purchased tickets (especially the one’s who did even when they weren’t able to attend), it’s an incredible feeling to have that support! The models were fantastic! A friend who doesn’t model, but saw that I needed help, volunteered for the runway. I’m so glad she was there! One of the models just happened to have a friend come to the show to support her and asked her to bring a black dress “just in case” I needed an extra model. As time got closer to the runway and the last model was running late, I ended up needing her to do just that. My friends and family who came to the event were very supportive and even braved the extremely loud music to see my show. I can’t thank you guys enough! So grateful that things worked out the way they did. Of course, there are lots of things I’ll do differently for the next event (whenever that is). It was a great learning experience and I was happy with how it came together.

I’m going to have to wait for a few weeks on the photos of the event, and I didn’t think to bring my camera with me. I did take some pics of a few items made for the runway show…

Hells bells earrings
Got ’em in brass too
Lava ring
Lava necklace
Nomad bracelet
Firebird headpiece
Talon headpiece

There were a few more items but, I think they need some revision before putting them up in the shop. The items above, with the exception of the headpieces are available in my Etsy shop. 

I’m also having a name change sale. Just enter xappy4me as a coupon code at check out and you’ll get 25% off your order. The sale will be on until midnight tomorrow. I’ve listed quite a bit of items recently. Check em out and feel free to pass the info onto your friends and family.
So, now that it’s over I’ve been switching gears and moving into the artwork for the Lambchop show next month…

This one’s gonna be a doozy!

Since I’m so bad at keeping secrets I’m gonna give you a tiny teaser from a piece I just finished for the show. It’s been a while since I’ve done any real drawing or painting….

Not too shabby me thinks!

I’m super excited to be a part of this show as I’ll be alongside some incredibly talented people. Hopefully I’ll see you there, and if not I’ll make sure to bring a camera this time around. There’s also the possibility of prints in foreseeable future. Stay tuned!
In the meantime here are some of the artists whose work I really enjoyed at the RAW showcase:

Deadmeat Designs

Patrick Murillo

Vania Elise

Cody Nathaniel Johnson

Check these folks out! Talent just oozing out of their pores! Love it.

Have a great week!