Spring fever

Spring has definitely sprung here in the desert. The season here is very short and makes way for the blistering sun in a few weeks. We’ve been taking advantage of the weather and enjoying time outdoors as much as possible before the heat hits.

Our first attempt at a composting bin has been successful and we purchased herbs and some pots to put them in. So far, they’ve lasted longer than any herbs I’ve owned before. Which isn’t that long but, for me it’s quite an accomplishment. We’ve already put some to use in our cooking. Using fresh herbs makes a huge difference.

I used some of our fresh rosemary for some Italian greyhounds. I used the recipe here. Deeeelicious! Such a refreshing drink.

We had them with black bean burgers, chips, salsa & guacamole. So good!

I get so excited for light drinks during the warmer weather. If you have any drink suggestions or recipes please share with me!

Even though the swaying trees and smell of jasmine in the air make me want to lay in the grass and daydream my life away, Space Cadet has been keeping me busy. I’m proud to say that Firefly Gallery is now carrying my line! If you’re in or passing through Paso Robles, California  stop by and check the place out. Locally and handmade items by some very talented artisans. It’s adorable!

Annnnnd in local news, Space Cadet is now available at Wet Paint artist’s supply in Tempe, Arizona!

If you’re local and you don’t know about this place, shame on you!  Lots of art supplies, locally made wares, crazy selection for all your spray paint needs, and an impressive stock of art related magazines, books and dvds. Now get your ass in there and buy something! Jess and Dump will take care of you.

On top of the new locations, I will be participating in the upcoming Getty Crafty Event in Sacramento, California.

So far over 70 vendors have signed up for this event and I’m proud to be one of them! There will be live music, food, and very talented crafters slingin’ their wares. Learn more about the event and the cause here.

I’ve already started on some enamel pieces for the show. Can’t tell you how excited I am about using my kiln! It’s a love affair, really.

I can’t wait to turn these into necklaces and rings. And yes, that is an octopus and an anatomical heart up there.

Here’s some pics of the last batch I made that were more illustration oriented.

There will be a good mix of the two for the show. I plan on making more hearts in the future. maybe even teeth with pretty designs on them. I’d love to hear some suggestions on what you’d like to see on a necklace.

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