Best date ever.

My boyfriend is not romantic.

Don’t get me wrong, he absolutely, without a doubt, loves me. He’s a very kind, thoughtful, and loving man. These are qualities that I’ll take any day over romance.

With that being said, I just wanted to share a day we had together to let everyone know that their partners just may have a trick or two up their sleeve.

On Wednesday, I turned 34 years old. I woke up happy to go to work. Let me repeat that. I was happy to go to work. My job I realized, makes me happy. Weird right? The day was fantastic. The weather was gorgeous, my friend boss bought me lunch from Postinos, and I received two really cute drawings from her adorable daughters. A scene in outer space from Sophia, and a robot with Saturn and the moon from Debbie.

How awesome is that?

That night Dominic and I made shrimp scampi and spent some quality time talking and genuinely enjoying each others company. It was a mellow night because Dom had a special date planned for us the next day. The next morning we got up and took the dogs on a walk as per our usual routine. Dom made breakfast and we hung around the house for a few hours. Then, we headed out for our date. As usual, we stopped at a few thrift stores along the way. When we started getting closer to our destination Dom made me close my eyes. When I opened them I saw this…

The Mesa Arts Center. I was so excited! When we got inside we went to see the exhibit he thought I would like.

Turns out he was right on the money. The last time the arts center had some of Cheech’s collection up I wasn’t able to make it. So this was really awesome. It was his collection of small paintings. I did a show a few years ago where all of the pieces on one wall were small. I should have invited him. Maybe he’d have bought one or two. In my mind he would have for sure.

There were some really awesome pieces. I’ll definitely be cyber stalking a few of the artists. We wandered around looking at the other exhibits also being shown. One was called “Rust Farm”. It was interesting and the pieces were beautiful in a creepy sort of way. Right up my alley. The artist is local and also on my cyber stalking list. Oh the world the interwebs have opened up for me!

We took some pictures outside after we were done getting artsy fartsy.

We went to a few more thrift stores and headed to our favorite sushi spot on the East side. Sekai Sushi. If you live on this side of town, hell even if you don’t you should go to this place.

Mmmmmm. Just look at the spread.

Aaaannnnnd…..done. It didn’t stand a chance.

The final surprise of the night was Filmbar for Spike and Mike’s sick and twisted animation festival. What??? Art, sushi, and vulgar cartoons? My baby knows me all too well.

I’m so excited that a place like this exists! I ordered a sasparilla and Dom ordered a beer. They were playing great music, they had a great beer and wine list and it looks like they serve apps too. Awesome all around. After the show was over we headed home and crashed.ย  An amazing end to an amazing day.ย  Dom surprised the hell out of me. I can’t wait to see what he has planned for our anniversary! I kid, I kid.

Seriously though, it really was the best date ever.


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