Bad manners.

Okay, so I’ve been a horrible blogger. If my friend’s daughter Sofie were here she would inform me that I have bad manners. So, I’m here to apologize and give you a recap of the past few months. I’m SO very sorry! Please forgive me?

Now to give you the scoop… Had the 2nd In the Yard event with PHX DIY. We have a few new members and it was a lovely day out!

Here’s one new member and close friend Angela Riccobono. She’s reppin’ for her line Cherry Bombin’ Wear. Lovely items made from recycled bicycle tubes. Love her to death!

Next up we’ve got Claire Tinnion. She creates lovely paintings and is a real sweetheart!

We have added See Saw Designs to our growing number of members. Raquel, Angela, and Lindsay do amazing letterpress work!

Next up is Starving Artist Bazaar. Jennifer creates fantastic creatures from recycled wool sweaters, and lovely lamp work jewelry.

Thems are the new memberonis! Here’s a look at the treat table. It was the day before Valentine’s day after all.

Kinda wish I had one of those cookies right now!

K. Next up in my calendar of past events was a Roller Derby! Some of the PHX DIY girls got together for Amanda’s (from Perfect Dressipe) birthday. We got there about 30 min before the bout was supposed to start. The line was out the door and stretched out across the large parking lot. Apparently because of this movie there has been a surge in attendance to these things. It was lots of fun, however I think it may have been more fun if alcohol were allowed. Just my opinion.

Here’s a horrible pic of the girls revving up the crowd. Sorry, we weren’t in the best spot. My other pics were waaaay worse than this one.

Anyhoo, awesome night! Had lots of fun with the girls and got to meet some new peeps. That’s always a good time.

So, after all of the celebrating and holidays and what nots. I decided to do a cleanse. The master cleanse, no less.

Ummmm….yuck. I only lasted 5 days. I’ve done this before and the longest I’ve gone is 8 days. Absolutely hated every minute of it. BUT, I felt really good afterward and it keeps me from getting sick all year. If you’re interested I suggest doing some intense research, and making sure you’ve got the right mind-set to do it. It is not an easy plan in the least.

A few weeks later PHX DIY participated in the SAMA Street Fair.Β  Here are a few pics of the event…

Here’s what the street looked like at 7:30am. Interesting way to do the check in…interesting but frustrating.

Here’s the street once the fair got started.

And our lovely PHX DIY members set ups…

Against the grain.

See Saw Designs.

Spoonful of chocolate hope.

Starving Artist Bazaar

Kenzie Noelle Designs.

Sea Lemon.

Cherry Bombin’ Wear.

Space Cadet.

Okay. I suppose you’re all caught up for now. I promise, I won’t lag on getting these posts up for the rest of the year! Have a great week!


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