Happy New year!!!

Hello, and happy new year!!!

I hope your NYE was fun and safe. And I hope your Holiday was fantastic! Ours was great over here. We spent Christmas at home with my family in Northern California and NYE here in Phoenix. Good times all around!

As I’ve said before, the holidays are an extremely busy time for me. Because of this, I was working on stuff for both my shop and OUMA right up until the last day before our trip. I was so tired the night before our flight and didn’t set my alarm correctly. So, we missed our flight going to California. Fortunately, this ended up being a good thing. We got another flight that was a non-stop, a six-dollar credit, and arrived in Sacramento 20 minutes earlier than the original flight. Merry Christmas to us!

Ah, just look how green it is there. I miss that foliage so much…

Even with the leaves off the trees it’s still so green!

Lots of farmland and lots of semi’s.

The first few days of our vacation we laid around the house in our pajamas, ate lots of food, watched movies and just enjoyed each others’ company. We went out to Cool Hand Luke’s for my dad’s birthday dinner on Wednesday. It wasn’t too bad for a chain and the service was excellent!

On Christmas day we had my sister-in-law’s mom and grandparents over for an early dinner. I didn’t get any pics of it, cause I was too busy eating it and conversing with my family to get up and get the camera…tsk tsk. BUT, I did take some pics of my mother’s lovely decorations. It was Christmas-y without being cheesy. Way to go mom! I took these on Christmas, after the eating and gift-giving so please excuse the messiness.

It was a great day and ended with us playing Rock band at my brother’s house. So fun! No pics of that either…fortunately. On Sunday we were invited to spend time with some friends of mine. We headed over to Tony and Marissa’s for a little get together. Everyone came over and brought their kids. It was a blast!Β  There were hors d’oeuvres and wine and it was great being able to catch up with everyone.

We tried for a pic of all of them and this was as close as we got. Cutey Patooteys nonetheless.

A look at the spread.

Marissa’s delicious Quiche.

It was so fun, and a reminder of all the beautiful people I have in my life. I love them all and miss them terribly. Hopefully Tony and Marissa can visit soon so we can return the favor. *HINT*

On Monday we went to some of my favorite thrift/antique stores. My utmost favorite is a spot in downtown Marysville called Yesterday’s Treasures. If you’re ever passing through Marysville, I suggest you make the stop. It’s definitely worth it! On this stop I hit pay-dirt on some vintage buttons. I’ll tell you more about those later! My mom got some cute ornate pine cone finial decorations, and Dom got some records. I’ve always pulled something awesome from this place.

Here’s some of the Historic buildings in the area.

The unfortunate dilapidated Historic Hotel Marysville.

The Silver Dollar Saloon and the Bok Kai Temple.

Another Antique mall in downtown Marysville. Some of these places are creepy and I love that about them!

And our last one. We were more interested in the actual building than the antiques here. I would love to own one of these old buildings, renovate and live in it. The buildings are beautiful…neglected, but beautiful.

That night we went out for sushi and spent the rest of the evening packing and getting things in order for our flight the next day. The last day of visiting is always a bummer for me. I said goodbye to my parents’ crazy pets…

Goodbye handsome gritty kitty that was once mine…Leo.

Goodbye weird-looking, passive aggressive, lumpy legged chihuahua…Chuey.

Goodbye little stuck up, sissy boy, turdface chihuahua…Coco. I tried to get him to sit down and he just ignored me and waddled out of the room with his nose turned up. Has anyone else ever seen a dog do this before?

The drive to the airport was foggy and cold.

It always goes by so fast. Too fast. I’m blessed to have such an amazing family and I’m reminded of that everyday.

We barely had time to settle in before NYE snuck up on us. Dom and some friends were Deejaying at Phoenix Sidebar. It was a good time as usual. We got separated at cab time, but all of us made it safe and sound. Here are some pics from our night. Enjoy!

Pretty sure they’re related somehow….

What’s going on here? On a side note, my eyeshadow held up pretty well! Thank you Etsy!

The reason for our hangover. Great night. Brought the new year in with a sonic boom! I’ve got some big plans in the works for the new year. I’ll be back with some updates and hopefully some great news. Have a fantastic week!


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