Crafty kinda gals.

This weekend was a blast! The PHX DIY got down at our first event. It took place in the yard at Bunky Boutique. I remembered to bring my camera this time! Here’s the first few pics.

Now, I present to you the lovely work of my fellow artisans….enjoy!


First up is A Spoonful of chocolate hope. Michelle makes wonderful bags from used books. You can follow her on Twitter.

Here’s my setup. Don’t be jealous of my foam sign!

Next up we have Perfect Dressipe. They are Amanda, Gina, and Melissa and they make LOTS of stuff! Aprons, pillows, purses, hair accessories, jewelry, silk screened/patchwork tees, etc. They also have a blog, aaaaand you can follow them on twitter.

Next we have Against the grain jewelry by Ashley Weber. Ashley makes beautiful things. The pic just doesn’t do her justice! Sorry girl!

And last but definitely not least, we have Kenzie Noelle Designs. Jamie makes adorable things for baby and mother too. You can follow her on Twitter as well.

FYI that is Michelle being a smart ass, not Jamie.

And although they aren’t members the lovely ladies of Magpie press had their paper goods for sale as well.

Here is the giveaway prize table.

And the food and beverage table. Gina’s scotcharoos are insane! They’re the treats hiding behind the apple cider jars.

And that’s my story, thanks for reading! Become a fan of PHX DIY on Facebook. We’ll keep you in the loop for upcoming sales and events. I gotta get back to work now. Have a great week!


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