‘Tis the season to be ridiculously busy.

Sheesh it’s been a long time since I’ve been on here. Halloween has come and gone. We’re already a few weeks away from Turkey day. I’ve been a really busy girl with various craft shows and filling wholesale orders. I just haven’t had any time to do any catching up. So, while I have a few hours of downtime (while some things cure/dry/set..etc.) I’ll fill you in on some of the goings on in the past few weeks.

On October 17th I participated in a craft fair at Urban Yoga in celebration of their 1 year anniversary.

uy setupBeautiful spot that place is. Didn’t get any pictures, cause my camera is sucky and didn’t feel like staying on/in focus for very long. So, this is THE picture…enjoy! Trying to take pics of each set up to see what works best.

Last Friday the boyfriend and I went to the premiere of his cousin’s new website/viral cooking show Myanmar recipes.com It was fun, the food was excellent and her video (which is still in some stages of publishing) was great! Make sure you bookmark the site for future recipes. Trust me on this one, the food is delish!

The following week was spent trying to finish a wholesale order, and make new merch for 2 shows that weekend. Here are some pics of the fancy new fascinators I sent to SF. I sent 40 of these puppies, yes 40.

fasc 20 range whtfasc 30 peacockfasc enamfasc 30 rangeFinished up the wholesale order and ran out of supplies to make new merch. So, being the lucky girl I am…my friend and boyfriend both loaned me a little cash to buy some supplies. Thank you Universe for surrounding me with such understanding and supportive people! I am so grateful!

I banged out 30 pairs of earrings so fast it’d make your head spin. Seriously. So, the first event was First Friday at the Hidden House. That was in downtown Phoenix, close by our place. It was an event put on by the Fresh Fiends who actually gave me props on their blog. Thank you ladies! I had fun but had to dip out early. You got to know when to ’em and know when to fold ’em.Β  Here’s a photo of my set up…

HH set upI think this set up is the winner.

We headed off to meet up with some friends and listen to Tige play records at Phoenix Sidebar

Jeff and JulianaJeff and Juliana.

Jeff and Tige againThe dynamic duo…Jeff and Tige.

SB DrewDrew.

Tige's belt buckleTige’s fancy boombox belt buckle and crotch…p.s. he’s single ladies!

Saturday we slept in and cleaned the house. We were going to go to the fair, but seeings’ how Friday wasn’t as lucrative as I had hoped we nixed that and invited the boyfriend’s cousins over for dinner instead. I made marinated chicken and fettuccine Alfredo. Here’s a lovely pic taken with my new camera (thanks mom!)…

Chicken AlfredoI stayed up after everyone left and finished up some last-minute projects and tagged items for the next days craft fair. The PHX DIY crew participated in the Indian School Block Party. I have no pictures of that cause I forgot my friggin’ camera…derrrr. But, some of the other ladies got pics and I’ll post those as soon as they do.

We’ve got another event coming up on Saturday so, definitely come by if you’re in the area!PHX_DIY_announcesOkay, so I think we’re all up to speed now. I’ve GOT to get some sleep. Have a great week!




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