Hello Stranger.

So, I guess the every other day thing has pretty much gone out the window…

I’ve been busy dog-sitting, attending family gatherings, going to meetings, and most importantly working on new pieces!

Chola Necklace 1 cu

Chola Necklace 3 cu

Yaaay! New pieces. These are my new Chola Cameos. They’re the finished product. They’ve been a work in progress for a little while now, but here they are in all their gangster-y glory. I am so happy with the way they turned out!

Oh! AAAAAnnnnnd…..

Frankenstein Ring

Oh Frankie! You look so good in pink. The rings are adjustable and very comfortable to wear. They’re now available in my shop. Hooray for All Hallows Eve! Okay. Enough of the yays and hoorays for now.

I  want to share my newest addiction. I’m ADDICTED to the savage love cast. If you’re not in the know (shame on you!), it’s the online version of Dan Savage‘s sex advice column “Savage Love”. I love, love, love listening to this guy and it’s very entertaining/educational!  You can either download them from his site, or on itunes.  p.s. DEEEEEFinitely not safe for work! This is a grown folks party y’all!

It’s almost my most favorite time of the year…Fall!  It doesn’t really change colors in Phoenix, so it could be hard to miss if the heat wasn’t easing up. Unfortunately it’s still not cool enough to break out the sweaters or jackets…not that I haven’t been bringing one with me just in case! Last year we barely had a fall at all. It was hot up until the last week of November and then really hot already in January! Phooey. Hopefully this year that’s not the case. Hopefully.

Alrighty, I’ve got to clean up our house and start cooking. I’m having some friends over for nachos tonight!

Have a beautiful Sunday!




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