Productive mornings

Haven’t had a morning that was this productive in quite awhile! I woke up at 7 o’clock on the dot and decided to get up instead of sleeping in. This is usually quite a task for me, but for some reason today it was really easy.

I finished up my order for Needles and Pens. I make special feather hair clips for them, because I love them so much! I took a quick picture of them before I tagged and packed them for shipping.

Feather hair clips
Feather hair clips

If you’re in the San Francisco area definitely stop by the shop and say hello to Breezy and Andrew. Buy something while you’re there! I’m sure you’ll find something that strikes your fancy. On a crappy note, while I was tagging the hair clips I friggin spilled a glass of water on my keyboard! It seems to be working okay with one casualty…my option key stopped working on the left side. Guess, I’m gonna have to unlearn using it on that side. Ugh! Didn’t slow me down though.

I received the boom boxes I’ve been obsessing over since I ordered them and guess what? They’re waaaaay too big! I’m totally gonnna keep them though, cause they’re ridiculously cute. They’re pencil sharpeners and each one comes with super cute teeny tiny plastic paperclips and a little eraser! I have 24 of them though. I might have to do a destash in my shop. I was planning on doing one soon anyway. I tend to get a little carried away with my craft supplies!

cute but not gonna work
cute but not gonna work

However, the ice cream erasers I ordered along with them are adorable! Although I haven’t quite yet figured out what I’m going to do with them.

ice cream cones
ice cream cones

I wish they were smelly ones! Do they make those anymore? If anyone knows leave a comment with a link.

Anyway, the rest of the day was productive as well, we got new tires for the car, went for a bike ride and I finished the first version of my new chola cameos (coming soon!). If you don’t know what a chola is you can look it up here. That dictionary is awesome by the way. I haven’t laughed that hard in awhile.

We finished off our productive day with a yummy dinner that consisted of chicken Caesar salad, and little tomato-basil-mozzarella pizzas.

chicken ceasar salad
chicken ceasar salad
mozzarella tomato basil pizza
mozzarella tomato basil pizza

Sweet dreams! I’m off to watch my samurai jack and go to bed. Being productive makes me tired!


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